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Packaging and Recycling

We have always been passionate about protecting our environment and reducing our ecological footprint. We’ve incorporated MAP to do exactly that. It is a sustainable solution for product packaging which significantly reduces food waste.

We often test our products to ensure that quality and safety is maintained. Lab results show that our packaging will keep your meals fresh for up to 7 days when stored in the refrigerator.

We use a method called Modified atmosphere packaging. It’s a proven and natural method of extending the shelf life of food products. The process lowers the amount of oxygen which slows the growth of microorganisms. This preserves the taste, safety and appearance of our meals for longer.

After consuming your meal, rinse the container and you can recycle both the container and the cardboard sleeve.

There is a pull tab on one corner of the package. Peel that cornerback slightly before heating. Once heating is completed, remove the film fully. You can also fully remove the film prior to heating if you prefer.

Our meals are packaged in Go-Green plastic containers that are microwave safe and don’t release BPA when heated. The process provides a Green alternative to standard thermoformed packaging. All CPT GO GREEN trays are # 5 recyclable and could be disposed of in most curbside recycling programs.

  • 40% LESS WASTE than standard Thermoform trays
  • 30% LESS ENERGY used in production process
  • 20% LESS EMISSIONS generated in production process
  • LOWER Carbon Footprint more Planet Friendly

For health and safety protocols we cannot accept used packaging back. Please recycle at your convenience.

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