Is this a subscription Model? Nope, you are never locked in. You’re welcome to jump on and off from week to week as it suits your schedule. Simply order on the weeks that you would like meals. Can I set a recurring delivery? Absolutely. For this option please email or call us and we would […]

Shelf Life

How long do the meals last? All meals have a 7 day shelf life in the fridge so you can confidently order for an entire week. Can I freeze the meals? Absolutely! The only items we don’t suggest freezing are dishes with raw veggie components (salads, zucchini noodles, etc).


Who are your suppliers? Our key suppliers for produce and proteins are Sysco, GFS, Centennial & Yen Brothers What grade of beef do you use? Our beef is AAA grade and hormone / antibiotic free Is your produce organic? We use organic wherever possible and consistently hover at 90% organic for all our produce, dependent […]


How long should I reheat the food for? If using a microwave: Remove cardboard sleeve if present. Peel off plastic film seal covering the food container completely. If your meal contains a sauce container, remove it before heating. Set it aside to be added after heating. Place the uncovered dish in the microwave. Reheat meal […]

Payment Methods

What payment methods do you accept? We accept all major credit cards and visa debit.

Packaging and Recycling

Is your packaging good for the environment? We have always been passionate about protecting our environment and reducing our ecological footprint. We’ve incorporated MAP to do exactly that. It is a sustainable solution for product packaging which significantly reduces food waste. How long does food stay fresh after I receive it? We often test our […]


Is there an order minimum for delivery? Yes. We have a minimum order of 3 items for delivery. How do I order? Our menu works a la carte style so you are welcome to order the volume of meals suitable for you. Simply navigate to our menu page to select and customize the items of […]

Nutrition and Diets

Where can I check a specific dish’s calorie and macronutrient count? When navigating on our online menu page you will see a nutrition tab above each dish image. Simply click this to view the info. Nutritional information and caloric breakdown is also printed directly on the packaging labels for easy reference after delivery. What is […]

Loyalty Rewards Program

What do I do when a friend sends me a referral link? Clicking on the unique link will take you to our menu. Copy and paste the code into the promo code field for a discount on your first order. Referral codes are only valid for first orders. How does it work? We’re glad you […]


Product Icons You will notice some helpful icons located on each of our menu products.Please see below for what they refer to. Ketogenic   Paleo   Vegan   Gluten-free   Contains dairy   Contains nuts   Contains shrimp   Spicy Customizable meal